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HBO’s Watchmen “Remix” Has A Cast, And There’s More…

Damon Lindelof… just like Lost, you really know how to get everyone talking.

Yes I am all in on Lindelof’s upcoming Watchmen project with HBO (remember, I’m the guy who thought Zack Snyder’s movie was okay) but I will say the developments from last week leave a ton of room for conversation.

An interesting piece of news hit the Internet on May 22nd in the form of a letter written by Lindelof to the fans. TheHollywoodReporter took all the good parts and condensed it down, or if you want the whole thing, check out Damon’s Instagram. So much is covered throughout the five pages; he highlights his personal connection to the graphic novel, gives his opinions on Alan Moore’s continued disdain from any furthering of the story (Dave Gibbons is on board by the way), and most importantly… he establishes the source material as “sacred ground”.

Which leads us to the next bit of information. So if we’re not getting another live action take on the comic, what are we getting exactly? In Damon’s words, it’s going to be a “Remix”. And the discussion begins… Will Dr. Manhattan come back to Earth? Or has Jon Osterman even had his accident yet? Who knows? That the thing about Lindelof, as soon as one question is answered, three more are asked. Can an unconnected Watchmen story exist in the world created by Moore and Gibbons? Or are will Ozymandias be the show’s main character? As of now a pilot has been ordered so we got some time but man this is killing me!

Don’t worry it gets better…

On May 24th HBO revealed the cast which features Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, Don Johnson, Louis Gossett Jr., Adelaide Clemens, and Andrew Howard. TheDailyDot has reported King will be the lead.

In trying to figure out “who may play who” I am completely lost. I’m starting to believe out of everyone above, maybe one of them could portray an original character, but I’m not seeing a new Nite Owl here. Though we’re keeping our fingers crossed for some badass Don Johnson fight scenes as I’d bet twenty bucks on him being a costumed hero in the same vein as the Comedian.

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You know I’m Nerdbot’s resident Watchmen fanatic and I’ll be covering this story as it continues to make headlines.

Until next time… In Damon We Trust.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- HBO, DC Comics

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