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Shazam! Logo And Facebook Live Event

Alright guys, I’ve done two pieces on Avengers: Infinity War this week so it’s time to turn my attention back to my favorite troubled developing cinematic universe known as the DCEU.

Couple of quick things to bring to your attention on what I feel if done right, could be a big time hit for Warner Brothers… Shazam! Ok, so right now the project is shooting in Toronto and if you do a google search, you’ll probably find a decent amount of cell phone taken photos of the set, maybe even some of Zachary Levi rocking the full costume. No joke, he looks badass in it!

However, random fan captured shots might not be your thing. So if you are looking for a closer look into the world of Shazam!, all you have to do is head to Entertainment Weekly’s Facebook page on March 21rst where they will be holding a behind the scenes Facebook Live event!!

You can head to EW’s Twitter to submit a question.

Lastly, reporting from gives us the first look at the logo for the film. Check it out below!!

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We still got a while before April 5th 2019 so make sure to get your questions in for the event tomorrow. Maybe some crafty person will get director David Sandberg to confirm a Ben Affleck Batman cameo, or maybe a release date for the trailer? Please don’t make us wait until Comic-Con.

Warner Brothers doesn’t have to deliver a game changer, all they have to do is make sure Shazam! doesn’t suck. And remember, I’m the guy who liked Justice League.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Warner Brothers/DC Comics/Twitter

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