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Kevin Smith Recovering From Heart Attack

Kevin Smith, godfather of millennial stoner humor and podcast enthusiast is currently recovering from a heart attack. Reporting on February 26th from ABCNews indicated Smith was taping an episode of a new venture call Kevin Smith Live! at the Alex Theater in Glendale (California) when the incident occurred. After completing one of two scheduled shows for the evening, he threw up, and then began to sweat excessively while experiencing a “heavy chest”.

The ambulance arrived and Smith was taken to the hospital where doctors inserted a stent into his left anterior descending artery. This procedure remedied the situation and the Clerks director took to Twitter share the miracle.

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Crazy stuff right? A 100% blocked artery. Smith was right to get help when he did or a lot of us would be scrolling through our phones seeing stories of yet another talented star taken before their time.

Over the last decade, Kevin Smith has done about everything you can do in the entertainment industry. He writes movies, directs movies, does podcasts like they are going out of style, stand up comedy, the guy still owns Secret Stash, a comic book shop in Red Bank, New Jersey (been there, its dope). He’s even donating dividends made from Weinstein Company projects to women in film. What can’t he accomplish? All he needs to do is start a band and headline Coachella.

On a more personal note, Smith was one of my earliest inspirations to start screenwriting. Myself and everyone here at Nerdbot wish him the best!

By Adam Chmielewski


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