It’s pretty obvious, 2018 is going to be outright owned by the Marvel Machine. We’ve already had Black Panther which was incredible, so good I almost forgot Deadpool 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers Infinity War, and Venom are still on the horizon. It’s easy to get lost in the ocean known as the MCU. Guaranteed each one of the aforementioned projects will make like a billion dollars and have critics lining up around the block to trumpet another year of MCUpremacy.

For all of us DC fans, and I hope there are a couple of us left, don’t have as much to look forward to. Justice League brought 2017 to a rather depressing conclusion and in the current twelve month period, we must wait until December when Aquaman arrives in theaters. With Warner Brothers’ current situation we have every right to be skeptical. Believe me, I’m not here to rant off “10 Reasons Aquaman Will Make Splash” for you, just wanted to put the word out about an interesting story developing online this week.

So according to and the studio held an early test screening of Aquaman which received positive reactions from those fortunate enough to be there.

The news broke via‘s twitter feed then was expanded upon in an article you can check out by clicking the link. While it doesn’t offer any major spoilers, the anonymous attendees gave us a couple things worth noting:

It’s funny, but also very dramatic.

Characters speak underwater sans bubbles like what we saw in Justice League.

Jason Momoa wears the suit from the comics.

Black Manta is not the main villain.

Aquaman will talk to fish.

The tweet from only mentions two people, which I can say isn’t the best sample size. However, being that this is the first we’ve heard anything about Aquaman, I’ll take what I can get. And yes, I do know the Justice League had a similar test screen response so take this information with a grain of salt. Obviously we won’t have any real resolution until December 21rst, and I couldn’t think of a better pre-Christmas gift than a good DC film.

Hang tight DC fans, I believe brighter days are ahead.

By Adam Chmielewski


Photo Credits- Warner Brothers/Twitter

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