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A New Glimpse Into Legion Season 2

Have you noticed that FX has really stepped up their game when it comes to original content?

Even though they might not have the packed full trophy room full of Emmy Awards like HBO, however the network has been grinding out some of the most talked about and acclaimed shows on television. Reporting on February 1rst from gave us a light preview of what is to come in 2018, through what’s known as a sizzle reel. If you are unfamiliar with the terminology it’s basically a demo tape used to highlight various elements of a project, or in this case, an entire slate of upcoming content.

Check it out below!!

Just a nice little peek into what lies ahead.

We get to see a couple shots of new series like Trust, Pose, Mayans MC, and Snowfall. Then the network was kind enough to include footage of a few returning programs such as American Crime Story, Baskets, Atlanta, The Americans, Archer, and a show I consider to be the most underrated (and relevant to of 2017, Legion.

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Legion is another brainchild of current FX man genius Noah Hawley, the guy behind Fargo, and is set in the X-Men universe though not directly affiliated with the films. Someone on the Internet coined the phrase “X-Men Adjacent” which I believe to be completely on point. We have no idea when the next season drops but until then I’m sure fans will be ripping apart the brief, yet memorable couple of shots shown above.

A key piece to analyze would be the paring of the Shadow King (Aubrey Plaza) and Oliver (Jermaine Clement), who are still together after the closing minutes of last year’s run when they were seen together in a car while our protagonist David Haller (Dan Stevens/supposed son of Professor X) had seemingly defeated his inner demons. Of course it’s more complicated than that. It seems like Hawley’s mission statement for Legion is anything but simple. The cliffhanger could easily amount to a large part of the plot in Season Two, or be wrapped up in seconds.

Legion is an fantastic accomplishment but it is one with many layers and a show you really have to pay attention to. Definitely a cut above the typical Hollywood blockbuster as far as the writing goes. In fact I’ll be rewatching everything just so I can get myself up to speed. With Legion, you kinda have to.

By Adam Chmielewski


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