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Orange Coast College Students Host Annual Con

Source: Coast Con Facebook Page

Do you ever wonder how so many Southern California nerds can attend so many conventions in a year and not break bank? Well, I’ve got good news for you! There are a number of free conventions you can go to yearly, helped us to compile information about Coast Con, which is one of them.

Coast Con is located at Orange Coast College Student Center, in Costa Mesa, California. It boasts a vendor hall with artists alley, impressive guests, activities and it’s very own maid cafe. Just like any other con, it also has a social environment for artists, enthusiastic, cosplayers, photographers, and dweebs.

I bought a ticket to the Maid Cafe first. I was lucky enough to attend right when the maids started performing their dances. I chose Maid Pearl, from Steven Universe, who had a table decorated to suit her outfit, and stayed in character the entire time. I was served a hamburger and tea, while playing games with my maid and watching all of the other maids give other guests the same service I was. I was able to return for the end, to watch all the maids perform a Love Live dance cover, finished with a heart wrenching, tear jerking speech by the owner, Kitty TemTem cosplay.

Another event was the Cosplay Contest, which I was honored to be asked by the coordinator to be a judge. The amount of amazing, and beautifully crafted costumes were a huge surprise to everyone. Everyone brought their A game, and at least twenty of them were deserving of immense recognition. (We’ll let the photo gallery show for itself!)

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Coast-Con also had it’s very first fashion show this year! Yet again, I have to be biased, because I was a model for Syrup’s new line of clothing. The owner, Laarnie Barcelon, outdid herself, designing each outfit from start to finish. She made unique ensembles that all flattered different types of beauty in people, with a common theme of desserts and sugar.

In addition to all this, there was the vendor’s hall and artist alley, that was dominated by creative artists and independent business owners. It’s safe to say that you could end your day experiencing all the events Coast Con had to offer by finally purchasing that one accessory or pin that you’ve had your eye on since the last con you went to.

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