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Terminator: She’ll Be Back

James Cameron has dropped a double whammy of Terminator news that’s possibly the sweetest thing we’ve heard about the franchise in over a decade. First up, Sarah Connor will be back, but we’re talking THE Sarah Connor. Linda Hamilton is set to return to the franchise!

Cameron is apparently planning to pull a Neeson, having Linda address the gender gap in upsurge of elderly action stars that we’ve seen over the last few years. “There are 50 year-old, 60 year-old guys out there killing bad guys… but there isn’t an example of that for a woman.”

Cameron also went into Captain obvious mode for a moment, getting misty eyed about the prospect of Hamilton’s return. “As meaningful as she was to gender and action stars back then, it’s going to be a huge statement statement to have that seasoned warrior that she’s become return.”

Linda was the perfect action hero at the time, having the attitude and fitness to be a convincing ass kicker, but also staying in touch with her humanity. The emotional scene where she tries to save billions by taking out an innocent man, who is clueless to the destruction he is about to cause, is one of the most touching moments of T2.

Hamilton’s return to the series will be welcome news for Terminator fans, harking back to the days when the franchise was still amazing. With that in mind Cameron also made another bombshell revelation.

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The new movie is planned to be a direct sequel to T2, which means that everything since then could potentially be removed entirely from the canon. This would mean so many shitty moments from the franchise, the all time lowing being Arnie telling someone to ‘Talk to the hand’, will be wiped from Terminator history.

The Terminator franchise has been on a death spiral for years now, and it was always going to take something pretty drastic to get it back on the rails. With the old boss back in the chair we now have someone with the balls to say ‘Lets just pretend that didn’t happen,’ and treat the series with the respect it deserves. Mr Cameron, we salute you sir!

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