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With the second season fast approaching, there’s already talk of season three for Stranger Things, with the long game being “[a] four season thing and then out,” according to Ross Duffer in a recent interview with Vulture.

While it’s still a little sad to know the end is coming, it’s great to hear that we still have, potentially, three more seasons of Stranger Things to look forward to, with season two debuting later this year, in October,. The scale this time around is going to be bigger as well, with the brothers approaching the project less as the second season of a show, and more as a sequel movie.

What does this mean for our merry band of adventurers? Well, details are thin on the ground, save for what was already revealed in the trailers, but the focus will be on the aftermath of season one, and Ross says that this time they wanted to “Push things a bit” With that leggy beast we have had sneak peaks of already, the physical scale certainly seems to be much bigger this time around, which is what you’d expect for any sequel worth it’s salt.

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