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World War Brick 2017 Convention Review

World War Brick ascended upon Anaheim CA for the weekend to show off local talent as well as some of the amazing creations by artists from around the area as well as the large showpieces which tour along with World War Brick itself as it travels across the country paying a tribute to our nations military history past and present.

On top of being around some intense and detailed builds, attendees are also immersed in tons of activities in all parts of the hall. Real Time Strategy games seem to showing up more and more, here you take control of several takes as you engage with the enemy, rolling die to see how well your army does against your opponent.

Towards the end of the day all participants gathered for a game of Bingo where winners received prize bags to close out the weekend.

If you happen to be short a Tommy Gun or two, or perhaps you’re looking to give you’re army some new camouflage then one of the many vendors here can give you exactly what you desire. With high quality prints and accessories that rival current leading brand designs, you will find tons of upgrades to suit your needs as well as scaled down versions of actual military equipment. (We made sure to include them in our video above.)

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Overall it seemed like World War Brick is steadily growing in popularity from last year. We are eager to see where a humble and successful convention can go from here! You can find out more about World War Brick Here:

If you enjoyed our World War Brick coverage, then you’ll like our trip to this years Bricks LA convention in Pasadena, CA. Here local builders show off their talents and compete in design competitions. Check out the incredible work below:

 For more information about Anthony and his Lego builds please visit and like his page on Facebook by clicking on this link.

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