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New Line Horror Pics Will Own The Post-Labor Day Space Through 2022

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. made it official today that their New Line genre fare will stake out the post-Labor Day weekend through 2022; a 3-day period they initially made lucrative in September 2017 when they opened It to a record $123.4M for the month, and did so again this year when they bowed Conjuring spinoff The Nun to the month’s second best domestic […]

Nerdbot Movie Review: The Nun

Before we start this journey, let me just say that I am not Catholic so a lot of the Catholicism stuff that happens kinda goes over my head. But if you’re holier than Ned Flanders, then this movie isn’t for you anyways. Also, he’s Christian. Also, also… minor spoiler alert. Also, also, also- there might […]