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10 Nerdy Trading Card Sets from the 90’s

One of the best things about growing up in the 90’s is that you could find something of the thing you loved in pretty much any format desired. One of my favorite things to collect was cards and stickers from Japan. For those of you who frequented comic shops you know as well as I […]

5 Current Toy Sets (With One Weird Part)

Toys are cooland everyone who plays with them are awesome. Here at Nerdbot, we are avid toy collectors of varying fandoms. Some of our writers are also parents who have the benefit of experiencing firsthand what new playsets out there make kids lose their minds. But what about a scenario where everything in the set […]

Coolest McDonald’s Toys 1993-97

I present you now with part two of my favorite McDonald’s toy sets. This time we are covering 1993-1997 in another 5 year span. This is going to be hard to narrow down to ten so instead here are 15 that really stood out to me as a kid. Hope you enjoy, and let me […]

10 Toys From The 90s (You Probably Forgot About)

It was the 90’s, Toys R Us was still a major entity and companies were cranking out toys left and right. They would sell to you through direct tv marketing “call with your credit card ready” or they would sell to you through commercials saying “hey come on down to the toy store”. A LOT […]

Coolest McDonald’s Toys 1988-92

Get ready for a huge nostalgia bomb. If you are/were a kid that lives, pretty much anywhere in the world, you have probably eaten at McDonalds more than just a few times. I remember as a kid I would love to go there and get a Happy Meal, Toys used to be the best part. […]