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RUMOR: HBO Max Considering “Batman The Animated Series” Sequel??

This is one of those rumors we’re kind of scratching our heads about, but considering who the source is, it’s pretty likely? You know how “Batman: The Animated Series” just hit HBO Max, right? Well, Kevin Smith and Fatman on Batman podcast co-host Marc Bernardin kinda sorta teased a possible sequel happening.  “The rumor is […]

No, Michael Keaton Batman is NOT Leading New Set of Movies

Sometimes, the world of entertainment journalism is one giant game of telephone. One person reports something with a one-word difference from the source, and suddenly it’s a whole different story. Kinda like the recent kerfuffle about Warner Bros. Pictures planning yet-another “Batman” film, starring previous Dark Knight, Michael Keaton. According to a few outlets, who […]

DC FanDome “The Flash” Teases Multiverse and Flashpoint

We’re not even halfway through Warner Bros. DC FanDome event, and today it was all about the Hall of Heroes. This included the release of a brand new “Wonder Woman 1984” trailer, Neil Gaiman updating on “Sandman,” and what exactly is happening with the Ezra Miller-starring “The Flash” solo film. We already knew a few […]