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Best Mobile App for Building Mind Palace

Several years ago, the whole world began to actively discuss the theory of Mind Palace. It says that all the data a person has is stored in mind for a long time. The problem is that people cannot quickly find the shelf on which this information is stored. However, this technology can be easily mastered, […]

Phoenix App Installation Guide for iPhone

While there have been some jailbreak utilities recently, many only work with newer firmware and on certain devices. However, not all users have been able to upgrade or want to, and some still use iOS 9. That has put jailbreaks out of their way until now. The Phoenix jailbreak works on iOS 9.3.5-3.6 and comes […]

LuluBox App APK Download Guide for Android

For so long, Android users have been left behind when it comes to options for downloading third-party content. Until recently, they needed to root their devices to get anything different from what was in the official app store, while iOS users were given tons of third-party app stores in place of jailbreaking their devices. Now […]

AppEven Store Download Guide for iPhone

While we are starting to see a  few jailbreaks come back, most only work on certain devices, and they are all semi-untethered. However, we do have a fantastic choice of unofficial app stores, all released as Cydia alternatives but now proving popular as alternatives to the iOS app store. AppEven is one of the latest, […]

Cydia Download Guide for iPhone and iPad

Cydia is one of the most well-known unofficial app stores in the world, an app store packed with cool apps, tweaks, modifications, and much more that allow you to get your iPhone or iPad looking and working the way you want it to. You can only get Cydia by installing a jailbreak, something millions of […]

Install AppValley App on iOS – Tweaked Apps & Games for Free

Not every app can be uploaded into the official iOS app store. Some apps might be very useful to the users and loved by all. But still, they are not accepted into the app store. Such apps can be distributed to the users through unofficial app stores such as AppValley iOS App . Apps such […]

Cinema HD APK on Android Platform – Best HD Movies App for Free

Cinema HD app is not just a “Me too” app in the online movie streaming market. It has some special exclusive features that are loved by users which make them prefer the Cinema HD app rather than any other apps. You can stream thousands of latest movies, TV shows, TV serials, Web series, Movie Trailers, […]

Install Instagram++ on iOS – Best Tweaked App using TutuApp Store

Introduction to Instagram++: Photography lovers can’t deny their love for Instagram. Instagram is a complete social network dedicated to photos and images in the early days. Only after recent updates, it started supporting videos and reels.  But still, Instagram is mainly used to upload and share photos with friends. Instagram has a lot of features […]