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How to Create iOS Apps Without Coding

Let’s be honest, coding an app for iOS is expensive. Besides, it can be quite hard to find an app coder who will make it all smooth from the first attempt. Fortunately, basic iOS apps can now be entirely created without code! Read this quick guide to learn how. 

1. Get a No-Code App Builder Software

If you want to create an iOS app without any coding, you need to pick up no-code app builder free software first. Flipabit is a good example. This software is created to simplify app building by visualizing pieces of code as ready-made functional blocks. 

Due to this, the whole process feels like creating a presentation with multiple slides and buttons in PowerPoint. At the same time, you can customize all the elements and animations to make the whole thing look and feel unique. In this regard, using an app builder isn’t considered cheating! It only lets you make things work without unnecessary time and company money investments. 

2. Plan a Layout

Using a co-coding app builder, you can start with a ready-made template that is similar to what you need and customize it to reach the needed look. If you are about to launch something unique, you can start with a blank page and construct the experience you need from the ground up. In any case, you have to start by developing a layout (aka concept) on a piece of paper to ensure everything is logical. You can use competitors’ apps for reference if it’s hard to start. 

3. Build & Test 

Once the layout is ready, you need to build it block by block and test what you have. Actually, testing is the most important phase as it will unveil all the imperfections and bugs and show you everything that needs to be fixed. Focus on the problems your app must solve and do your best to make the process as quick and intuitive as possible. It’s a good idea to give the app to multiple independent users for testing and gathering feedback. The more feedback you have, the better. 

Keep Going!
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4. Publish

Once the app is polished, you need to deliver it to the App Store. Using an app builder like Flipabit, you can publish the app for all popular platforms, including:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • macOS. 

To upload the app to the App Store, you need to follow these steps:

  • Sign up for Apple Developer Program;
  • Prepare app product page for submission (make screenshots and edit metadata);
  • Choose pricing and select regions of availability if needed;
  • Enter all privacy details of your app;
  • Submit the app for review and fix all review issues if any.

Start Today!

As you can see, there’s nothing to stop you from making an awesome app for your business today. It’s easier than you may think, and anyone with a seed of creativity can tackle the task. Believe it or not, but most concepts can be implemented without any coding today! Are you feeling inspired to create and publish your own app as soon as possible?

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