Friday, July 10, 2020
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Bane Schools Batman About Mask Safety in This Covid-19 PSA

Bane reminds Batman that you need to have your nose and mouth covered to stay safe. In this Covid-19 PSA Bane uncharacteristically saves the day.

Taarna Facemasks are Here So We Can Look Good & Fight the Coronavirus

The world's greatest illustrated science fiction magazine will be sending their sword wielding warrior Taarna to fight against the Corona Virus and COVID-19.

‘One Punch Man’ Movie in the Works at Sony

One Punch Man the popular manga and anime from ONE and illustrator Yusuke Murata is getting a film adaptation from Sony.

Disney World Shanghai Shows New Social Distancing Protocols

New photos have emerged of Disney World Shanghai's new social distancing protocols. They've been doing test runs at restaurants in preparation for their reopening.

Scientists Have Discovered a New Snake and Named it After Salazar Slytherin

A species of the genus Trimeresurus will now be referred to as Salazar's Pit Viper!

Pets And LEGO: Cat “Helpers”

Having a lifelong bond with an amazing pet includes them getting into your favorite projects, and possibly making artistic or engineering decisions on your behalf.

Sailor Moon Will be Free to Watch On YouTube Starting April 24th

For the first time ever Sailor Moon will be free to watch on YouTube. They are starting by uploading the first 100 episodes April 24th-July 23rd.

New Deadpool Fan Series “X-Force Auditions” Is Out And Hilarious

If you wanted to know what the inner workings of the X-Force were look no further. We can watch it all unfold on the screen as we see how they audition new members of the team.

Builder Turns Staircase Into Convenient Wine Cellar

Australian house renovator Murray Berrill designed amazing wine storage drawers inside one home's staircase to save space.

‘This Podcast Will Kill You’ Is Perfect For Quarantine

Tired of hearing about the coronavirus? This Podcast WIll Kill You explores a ton of diseases in an informative and entertaining way.

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