Sunday, August 11, 2019

Overwatch Halloween Event

To no one's surprise, Overwatch’s Halloween event will return next week. While not many details were released, the event will run from October 10 to November 2. A teaser on the Overwatch Twitter gives a sneak peek at some of the new skins. You can...

OverWatch Goes Major League in January

Source: Blizzard. It’s been a year in the making, but Blizzard is finally launching its Major League E-Sports in January of 2018. The League has 12 teams confirmed for season one, as well dates for the first few games. It is reported that the league...

PAX Highlight: Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes, creator of the wildly successful free-to-play Warframe, comes to PAX West with a two new IPs and an update to the popular Warframe. First up is the team based shooter The Amazing Eternals, which blends deck building strategy with FPS and early...

Motion Sickness in VR, Gone? Fantom Fathom Says So

One of the most persistent problems in VR right now is motion is sickness. Even if you aren’t susceptible to motion sickness under normal circumstances, after a few hours playing the latest VR you’re bound to experience some form of nausea and vertigo and...

Microsoft Publishing PlayersUnknown’s Battleground

Source: PlayerUnknown If you consider yourself a gamer, I’m willing to say, that you’ve heard of the massive hit PlayersUnknown for the PC. This game has taken the internet by storm with 8 million copies sold since March! The indie shooter has been considered by...

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