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“Escape From New York: The Official Story of the Film” Book Coming

One of those great landmark films from the 80s, “Escape From New York,” is getting an ‘official’ book. This isn’t your average companion tome, but an in depth look at all aspects of the iconic John Carpenter flick. Written by John Walsh, “Escape From New York: The Official Story” is coming from Titan Books later […]

Andy Serkis-Read “Lord of The Rings” Audible is Coming this Fall

Remember back in 2020 when publisher Harper Collins teased us all with a new audio version of the classic Lord of The Rings as read by the one and only Andy Serkis? Yeah, Pepperidge Farm remembers. Just yesterday, the UK chapter of Harper Collins posted this snippet video, seemingly confirming that at long last, Serkis’ […]

New “Mad Max: Fury Road” BTS Book Coming Next Year!

There are few films that could possibly top the amazing and incredible madness that is “Mad Max: Fury Road.” It’s been 6 years since the film from George Miller rode shiny and chrome into theaters. Completely resetting expectations for what a post apocalyptic film could be yet again, the sheer spectacle of the fourth installment […]

Remake of “Christine” Coming, Bryan Fuller to Direct

We’re pretty sure by this point, Stephen King is the author with the most adaptations of his work. Think about the sheer amount of films, tv series, and reboots that have been based on his works. Not only are we getting a new “Firestarter,” but it turns out that Bryan Fuller will be helming a […]

William Gibson’s “Alien 3” Will Release as a Novel this Summer

The long and storied making of “Alien 3” has gone down in history as one of cinema’s greatest blunders. With multiple scripts, countless rewrites, professional disagreements and outright lies, many involved say the Sci-Fi Horror sequel was always doomed to fail. The final film, directed by David Fincher and panned by critics and fans alike, […]