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Lucky Cat Gets Swole in New Maneki Neko Statue

Lucky Cat is one of the most popular Japanese statues on the market. They are often believed to bring good luck to the owner, and are commonly displayed in shops and homes at the entrance. but it looks like now there may be some sitting in gyms because Lucky Cat just got gains. Amazon has a very […]

Get Your Own Stupid Sexy Flanders From Entertainment Earth

When thinking about the various moments from “The Simpsons” that live rent free in our head….there’s a lot. One moment from season 11, episode 10 “Little Big Mom” is certainly in the top five. Perhaps you’ll recall Homer trying to ski, and being distracted by neighbor Ned Flanders in a fancy speed suit. A very […]

Cuddle a Dumpster Fire with 2020 Mascot Plushie

We all agree that 2020’s official mascot is a literal dumpster fire, right? Like, that’s not even a question at this point. The very image of a roaring garbage fire has been everywhere- toys, collectibles, and now a plushie. Isn’t that how we know something has “made it” into the public lexicon? When it becomes […]