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Bryan Beardo

Bryan is an Army veteran that originally hails from Boston, but currently lives in Los Angeles with his new wife and their three year old Black Lab, Autumn. He holds Master’s in Homeland Security, and is finishing his second in Geospatial Intelligence. During his free time, he founded the veteran-based charity, Team Push Up, and also serves as a board member and the Public Safety Committee Chairman for the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council.

Mass Effect (A Veteran’s Perspective)

Almost eleven years ago, BioWare had us make a few choices. Were we a Sole Survivor, a War Hero, or Ruthless? We picked our skill specialty and face, threw on some N7 gear and got to meet Joker. We were Shepard, soon to be hero of the galaxy. What came next helped define gaming for […]

A Star Wars Rebels Prospectus (A Veteran’s Perspective)

Two months ago, four seasons of Star Wars: Rebels came to a conclusion on a two-episode finale, A Fool’s Hope and Family Reunion – and Farewell. The finale, and the show, like the animated series before it (Star Wars: The Clone Wars), held up well to fans and critics. In a world of borderline Star […]

Star Trek: Discovery’s Mirror Universe (A Veteran’s Perspective)

Star Trek: Discovery Spoilers live beyond these doors. CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery has pushed an entire storyline – three episodes, plus at least part of next week’s fourth – into the franchises Mirror Universe, a place usually kept to single or double episode stretches. In this universe, Spock has an infamous goatee, the […]

Doctor Who Christmas Special (A Veteran’s Perspective)

Yes, there are Doctor Who Christmas Special spoilers. You have been warned. It wouldn’t be a Doctor Who Christmas Special without a good cry. I gets even better when it happens because of a real-life event, apparently, influenced by the Doctor’s timey-whimey influence. This time, it was jumping back 100 years ago for the Christmas […]

Nerdbot Mini Series Review: The Punisher (A Veteran’s Perspective)

The Punisher has been out for about a month now, but still spoilers a plenty follow. If you strip aside all that is typical Punisher – that is, if you remove the vengeance and violence – Netflix’s latest Marvel series is about the struggle of veterans coming home and finding their place. It was encouraging […]