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Did You Know Arby’s Sells a Jamocha Shake Bath Bomb?

Arby’s- they have THE MEATS! They have more than that too, but ‘the meats’ is something they really wanted to emphasize in their commercials. Others would prefer to emphasize some of the other menu samplings, like say, their dessert menu. In particular the Arby’s signature treat- a shake that combines the tastes of Kona coffee, chocolate, and whip cream into what they have dubbed the Jamocha Shake. If you’re a fan of the frosty beverage but want to take that love affair even further, well, Arby’s has just the thing for you: the Jamocha Shake bath bomb.

That’s right; in case you were wondering what stone capitalism hadn’t overturned yet, here’s another one you can cross off the list. To be clear, this isn’t some unofficial, unlicensed Etsy product that found it’s way onto the marketplace that approximates what a Jamocha shake bath bomb would be like. No, this is an official product that is being sold on their official website. A shop that features shirts, hats, sunglasses, and previously- curly fry Vodka.

Full disclosure, this is one of those moments where I wish I could personally review the product and let you know how it is, but I am not willing to spend the $15.00 it costs to order it. And this is coming from the writer who previously brought you the story and taste-testing of pizza flavored ice cream. If a bath is supposed to serve the purpose of getting clean, feeling like you’re in a Jamocha Shake sounds more sticky than cleanly. To be fair though, that’s a sensation that is subjective and maybe the bath bomb will leave you feeling like a million bucks! Or maybe like a $15.00 Jamocha Shake.

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The best, or maybe most distressing part of all this though, is located in the product description on the website. It reads as follows:

“If you’ve ever wanted to soak in our iconic Jamocha Shake (and of course you have), you’re in for something special. Our Jamocha Shake Bath Bomb is the sweet bathtime treat that you absolutely cannot eat, melding the mouthwatering scents of java and mocha into a real bath bomb. You’ll want to dunk a straw in your bathtub––but please don’t.”

As much as it may be a joke, something tells me that it’s partly a legal decision that they had to disclose not once, but TWICE, that this is not an edible product. This is not helped by the fact that just based on appearance alone, it actually looks quite edible. Let’s see if they follow it up with a roast beef bath bomb at any point in time. After all, they do have ‘the meats!’

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