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Dolly Parton, Doja Cat to Star in Taco Bell’s “Mexican Pizza: The Musical”

In November 2020, Taco Bell announced they were breaking hearts. Aka they were removing multiple popular food items and discontinuing them. We were mid-pandemic, and our favorite comfort foods going away really hurt. The Mexican Pizza was among the items taken off the menu. Thanks to an advertising scheme thats successfully panned out, we’re going to get a TikTok musical about the Mexican Pizza’s return.

How? Why? What Even.

Rapper Doja Cat created a viral jingle for the Mexican pizza on TikTok. This was believed at first to be impromptu, but she later revealed it was contractual. She also tried to make it bad on purpose.

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She used the dorkiest music she could find and/or create for the song. It almost sounds as if farting noises are accompanying the beat. Then at Coachella 2022, Doja Cat announced the Mexican Pizza was coming back to Taco Bell!

Victor Kunda, a popular TikToker, created choreography for the song. It went viral too, and Doja Cat took notice. So now, hopefully the Mexican pizza musical will have choreography just like what we see in this video.


Mexican Pizza: The Musical by Doja Cat.

♬ original sound – VICTOR KUNDA

Then somehow American treasure Dolly Parton– who’s a self proclaimed Taco Bell lover- got roped in to headline in the video as well. Excitingly, Kunda is credited as the lead of the musical.

Live Mas Productions Presents Victor Kunda’s “Mexican Pizza: The Musical.” Written by Hannah Friedman, Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear. The story will be “based on the true story of the internet losing its mind.” And the internet DID lose its mind.

This is great for multiple reasons. Dolly Parton and Doja Cat should make for a very interesting collaboration. You might not think so, but after seeing Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart become real life friends,connections like this are super cool. Maybe we’ll get more than just a Taco Bell musical collab from these two.

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