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Things To Remember Before Making An Online Short Film

Shortfilms express a narrative quicker than feature films. They can range from as quick as 30 seconds and can go up to 40 minutes. If you are starting as a filmmaker, then creating short films will be very profitable at the onset as short films let you dip into a narrative or an issue cinematically. You don’t need a lot of investment in budgets and energy into the project. Hence, you can concentrate on testing the content you reveal to society. Also, high monetary returns are not anticipated with short films, which makes investors keen to fund such films.

However, the process sounds more straightforward than it is. Besides a binding story, you need the applicable techniques, tools, and many things to remember. Don’t worry. To ease your experience, we have come up with nine things to remember before creating a short film online. First, figure out a few prerequisites and then gather the nine things.

A Few Prerequisites Before You Film A Short Film 

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  • Find a camera that is less costly and more constructive. A DSLR camera can be great at first. However, these days even camera phones can give a reasonable result. 
  • Search for editing software or a movie maker online
  • After the tools are in place, you need a tale to tell, and for that, you need a script.
  • Gather a small and skillful crew to work on the film. Also, find people who will act out your story for society.

9 Things To Remember Before Making A Short Film Online 

Now, let’s find out the nine aspects an aspiring filmmaker must keep in mind before filming.

Set The Stage With A Script 

Remember, it is possible to create a bad film out of a good script but never a good film out of a bad script. There are two ways in which you can create a script. You can either choose to make it from scratch or borrow it online. If you write it yourself, make sure the story has a distinct start, centre, and end. Besides that, the flow of the writing should be streamlined and fast-paced. Keep rewriting the script till all the scenes support the story and take it ahead. If you choose to borrow the script from the internet and monetize it make sure to take permission from the screenwriter before using their writing.

Visualize Using A Storyboard

You must visualise the shoot day before the day arrives. Make sure that you build a storyboard. It is no biggie but merely a graphical manifestation of each scene shot-by-shot as depicted in the script. You don’t have to be very innovative while creating a storyboard using stick figures to illustrate figures and actors to express each script element. 

Choose Convincing Casts & Crew

Start by selecting a fine array of crew members based on your budget. It must fit a producer, director, first assistant director, cinematographer, editors, and sound and light technicians. Once the crew members are in place, start looking for actors and actresses to cast. It is always a great idea to find suitable family members and friends to act as it would be both economical and enjoyable. However, if you want professional ones, you can use various websites that enable you to make casting calls. The casting usually is a tedious and time-consuming process. Therefore, take your time with it. The more time and effort, the better the effects. 

Spot Superb Sites For Filming

The chosen director and cinematographer must look for a location that justifies the script. Whichever location is picked for filming should have adequate sound and lighting setups to avoid hardships. Also, to reduce the overhead costs, try not to use many sites for filming. If you choose a public place to shoot, do take the necessary permission from the concerned authorities and the public to cooperate and clear the background while the filming takes place.

Plan The Filming Day Adequately 

The filming day is the showdown, so it needs to run by the book. There has to be a designated time frame for the number of days and hours you will put in for the shoot. Also, you must plan whether the filming will be during day hours or night and the availability of crew members. Ensure that you have all the gadgets in place and in proper order. Prefer tripods unless you cannot avoid handheld cameras. Shoot more than you require containing a few close-up shots because you can never predict where a particular shot can be used while arranging the film. 

Perfect The Film With Rounds Of Editing 

Import all your visuals onto any video editing software and arrange them in folders to avoid confusion. Go for an editor that suits your budget and also has promising results. If you don’t want to pay for any software, go with the one that comes with your operating system. Initially, chose to make a rough cut by arranging all the visuals together to see how the film would turn out. Run the video in front of the crew and accept the feedback. Be very selective about what you save and chuck. Moreover, try grading as it will make your video look more professional. 

Put Mindful Music & Sound Effects 

After putting the visuals of the story, review it and add audio and video tracks. You must add the audio and videos separately to modify the volume anytime without disturbing the video. Also, make sure that the sound is evident. It may be required to record ADR and/or Foley sound or choose the online free sound effects to enhance the audio.

Finally, Call It ‘Cut’

Once you have performed multiple rounds of editing, re-run the film with your cast and crew. Inspect if all suggestions have been assimilated. Get conclusive feedback on the film and ensure all shortcomings are met during editing. Once that is done, release it for the world to see. Remember, the show span must not overrun 15 minutes to suit the film festivals.

Celebrate What You Have Created 

Congratulations, you are now a filmmaker, as you have completed a short film. Gather the cast, crew, friends, and family to celebrate what you have created. The effect, for now, might not be very substantial, but your efforts were, and you will learn through the process. However, If you think your creation is worthwhile, don’t waver and take it to film festivals where young and upcoming filmmakers are appreciated and awarded. 


Short films have great implications for society as they have the potential to bring collective awareness and pave the way for change, all in a very short duration. With all the things to think of before filming a short film online and the prerequisite, we hope we make the path of filmmaking more satisfying. Ensure that all the 9 points are retained and executed for profitable earnings and a promising journey. 

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