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3 Ways The Internet Is Safer Than Ever

The internet has long had a reputation for being a scammers paradise. At one point in time, this was pretty close to the truth. While there were a lot of scammers out there, there were also many naive people and security loopholes everywhere. This meant that scammers could get access to computers relatively easily. However, this has changed over the last decade and now the internet is one of the safest places to visit. We’ve taken a look at where and how this has taken place.

Online casinos 

This might seem like a confusing choice at first, but the simple fact is that online casinos have been a big driver for online safety. The main reason for this is that if the internet wasn’t a safe place to visit, then online casinos would soon go out of business. A lack of safety would mean a lack of customers. As a result of the innovations that online casinos chose to promote, you can have more confidence in new online casinos than at any other point in history.

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It may seem a little far-fetched, but online casinos were genuinely some of the first places to use a variety of different innovations. Encrypting customers’ data, two-factor authentication and the practice of not saving payment details are just some of the procedures that online casinos have helped to promote within the online world. Even though some of these methods might not have originated at online casinos, they were made popular and shown to work on a widespread scale by the industry. It means that players don’t have to worry about their safety when playing, which has had a knock-on effect for most other sites on the net. 

Payment methods

PayPal is without a doubt the most well-known internet payment method that there is. So many different people use PayPal now that it has become almost on par with Visa and Mastercard in terms of brand value. However, in terms of security, online payments weren’t always as secure as they are now. In fact, there was a lot of payment information that was relatively easily accessible when the internet first opened its doors to commerce.

Most debit and credit card information could be accessed through a website when online shopping first came around. Whether you wanted to buy comics or groceries, there were always backdoors that hackers could get into. This has changed considerably over the years and a lot of this is due to the hard work that payment providers have put in to ensure that their products are significantly safer.

PayPal is a great example of this. Users are now able to put two-factor authentication protocols in place for any transaction they want to carry out. It means that when using PayPal, the transaction will often have to be confirmed in the app before it goes through. As the app has the option for biometric checks to be put in place, the actual user has to confirm the payment, otherwise it won’t be made. 

It doesn’t end there, either. There are also a number of different encryption protocols, which prevent any data from being usable by any outside sources, that have been added to the payment process. So, even if the data is only stored temporarily, it will still be encrypted and therefore the payment details can’t be stolen and used elsewhere. 

SSL certification

This is probably the best example of an industry standard that has helped to increase security levels on the internet. In fact, there are hardly any websites now that don’t have SSL certification in place. This means that even sites that only take your cookies and other inconsequential data have an SSL certificate. This is vitally important when it comes to keeping people safe when using the internet. 

The reason for this is that the SSL certificate is used to encrypt data on the site. So, whether the data is entering or leaving the site, it is encrypted at each end. It means that the data is only deciphered when it comes to actually being used. At any other time, it is completely encrypted and therefore useless to anyone who manages to steal it. 

This has helped to make using a website – even one that you’re not entering any personal information on – a much safer prospect for everyone. It means that you should always look for an SSL certificate when using a website, as you know this will keep your data safe when you’re there.

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