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Save Your Marriage and Sanity With a Shaving Bib

What’s the one thing that you hate to see on the countertops? I’m not talking about toothpaste in the sink. What I’m talking about is the insane amount of hair clippings that *someone* keeps leaving everywhere. You’d think since they’ve been shaving since they were a teen, they would know how to pick up after themselves. Unfortunately because Mom always cleaned up after them, now you’re stuck doing it. But not anymore with this amazing shaving bib I found on Amazon!

That’s right! You don’t have to send them back! Just get them this marriage saving device. Heck, it even comes with instructions you can post on the mirror!

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  • QUICK & EASY: This beard hair catcher rules the realm with a mighty fist! Using powerful mirror suction cups and a neck collar, it’s easy to set up and just as easy to put away after you shave.
  • CLEAN: Keep your bathroom the fairest in the land! Whether you’re defeating renegade sideburns or a once-loyal mustache, this beard catcher conquers any misfit hairs trying to storm your throne room! No more clogged sink drains.
  • EFFECTIVE: Be prepared for any perilous quest! This deluxe set for men includes the static and stick-free beard apron with a wide scoop, built-in-tray for trimming tools, replacement parts, and a travel pouch with room for grooming accessories.
  • THE ORIGINAL: There is only one true king! As featured on Shark Tank. This beard tarp has been prized by both lowly serfs and high royalty. When it comes time to ready the beard for war, be sure to throw down the gauntlet like the king that you are
  • GIFT IT: Do you know a shaggy young squire who dreams of becoming a champion? Or a king whose wisdom is as deep and rich as his facial hair? Be their knight in shining armor and get the trim tool any prince charming deserves

Check out the listing for this on Amazon and save yourself money on couples therapy later.

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