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Go Back To Sleep As A Comfy Depression Burrito

Let’s face it. A lot of the time you just don’t want to get up in the mornings. Work sucks, your relatives aren’t great either. You know what always has your back? Sleep! Sleep is probably the best way to spend your day and work things out subconsciously. You can do it even better by swaddling yourself in a giant tortilla.

Become a burrito and lull yourself into the best nap ever.

The blanket is listed on Amazon and is 71-inches round. It’s very soft plush flannel fabric and has a different feel on each side. So you can choose your own comfort level. The product description also says that you’ll make your friends jealous! So once you get it definitely post those fashionable pics on Instagram!

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The blanket itself unlike other imitation ones has a design on each side. No matter which side you prefer you’ll be able to show off your burrito-ness. The images that accompany this product are also pretty funny.

“Burritos Blanket is a cool things for your room”
“I’m a burritos”
“Cool gifts for everyone you loved”

You can check out the listing here. This would be a great gift for anyone who loves Mexican food and being comfy. It would be a great gift for me actually… hmmm….

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