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Katy Perry Splits Pants Again During “American Idol,” Plays It Cool

We just want to take a minute to applaud the crew on “American Idol,” as well as Katy Perry. Imagine splitting your pants down the butt in front of a national audience while singing one of your hits. That’s exactly what happened to Perry this week.

This isn’t the first time she’s had such a wardrobe malfunction while on “Idol,” either. But, this is perhaps the most professional we’ve seen it dealt with. Her co-stars do their best to make light of the situation, while she, unphased, has some of the crew literally tape her pants back up.

You can see last night’s mishap below.

And, that time in 2018 the same thing happened.

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But again, kudos to that crew for getting it handled, and to Perry for being a professional.

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