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$8 Million Awarded to Nevada Man Served Chemicals Instead of Beer

If you go out, typically you can trust the places you order from. There are health grades, and reviews that tell you what kind of place it is. But what happens when something terrible happens? What happens when you get served chemicals instead of beer? Lon Enwright, a 38-year-old special education teacher, experienced this first hand. And, he has been dealing with the side effects from it since it happened December 18th, 2018.

While watching a football game at Barley’s Casino & Brewing Company in Henderson, NV, Enwright ordered a sample of a Honey Blonde ale. What he got instead was a mix of the ale and the chemical solution that cleans the lines for the tap. Enwright’s attorneys called the solution a “dangerous chemical cleaning solution.”

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“After drinking the sample, Dr. Enwright experienced a sudden and intense burning in his mouth, on his tongue, and down his esophagus into his stomach,” a news release stated. “He soon began convulsing, hyperventilating, and violently vomiting before Henderson Fire Department arrived to the scene.”

The worst part is that the bar staff knew that the chemical was in the line when they served the ale. Barley’s Casino & Brewing Company admitted fault, and tried to settle out of court for $300,000 in damages. Clearly not enough for the medical attention that Enwright’s past and future medical bills.

Enwright has suffered permanent nerve and tissue damage to his mouth, tongue, and gastrointestinal system. He’s no longer able to taste food, and says he’s gotten compensation for “the loss of enjoyment of life.” The jury has awarded him $3 million in past damages, and $5 million for future damages. There’s no cure for his current situation, and will only gradually get worse. The money is to ensure that Enwright is able to have a better quality of life.

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