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The Jim Henson Company Announces “Labyrinth” VR Mini-Golf Course

The Jim Henson Company has signed a deal with Mighty Coconut to create a mini-golf course based on their hit film “Labyrinth.” The film was first released in 1986, and stared David Bowie as the iconic Goblin King Jareth, and Jennifer Connelly as Sarah. The imagery from that movie is still held by fans to be some of the greatest to this day. Fans would agree that the unique imagery is a perfect fit for virtual reality and exploring custom VR worlds.

The mini-golf course release will be a 36-hole VR course set in the world of Toby Froud‘s designs from Jim Henson‘s “Labyrinth.”

The base game of Walkabout Mini Golf includes eight distinct courses, which each include 36 holes. Mighty Coconut is subsequently releasing individual add-on courses as downloadable content (DLC)—currently numbering at three with more in the works. “Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth” will be a DLC course for the popular game, and will level up on features and interactivity.

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The “Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth” DLC will be vivid, challenging, character-filled, and richly realized course for players where they can escape, explore, and play solo or rendezvous with up to four other players for 18 easy mode and 18 hard mode holes—complete with iconic LABYRINTH creatures, settings, and obstacles. There will also be 18 lost balls to collect and a “fox hunt” scavenger expedition as well as expansive mazes and gardens to discover.

“We’re so thrilled to be working with The Jim Henson Company for our first licensed course… they have been terrific partners, helping us stay true to the original LABYRINTH, while also allowing us to have fun and be inventive as we create what is basically an entire virtual theme park, with a mini-golf course attached,” said Lucas Martell, executive producer and head of Mighty Coconut. 

This partnership adds to Mighty Coconut’s robust and growing, virtual mini golf ecosystem—a shared virtual space where fans can spend hours creating memories inside their beloved entertainment places, collecting themed souvenirs and expressing themselves in new ways. The strategy is pioneering a novel approach to what some are calling the “metaverse” by partnering to design expansive themed attractions for intellectual property seeking engaged audiences.

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth Walkabout Golf DLC will be available this summer.

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