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FxPro MT4: Trader Union Experts Review

One of the most important things traders need when they do Forex trading is a trading terminal. There are plenty of platforms nowadays, but only a few of them meet all traders’ requirements. Our experts have done deep research on the Metatrader 4 trading terminal that is brought by the FxPro Forex brokerage firm. Below you will find a complete review of this trading platform that Trader Union experts have done to help you to make the right choice.

FxPro Metatrader 4 Platform Overview

With the appearance of the Metatrader 4 trading platform, Metaquotes has set new industry standards that remained unreachable for a long time. The platform was a revolutionary solution that provided traders with various analysis tools and a variety of order types.

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With its advantageous technologies, MT 4 by FxPro allows you to jump-start your trading career. The platform is suitable for all categories of traders, including those who joined Forex trading recently.

About FxPro

The platform is not the only advantage that you can benefit from when dealing with the FxPro brokerage firm. The company was established long ago and has a long traceable history. The reputation of this broker is confirmed by multiple positive reviews from traders.

To start trading with the FxPro Metatrader 4 terminal, you need to deposit funds first. The company accepts various payment methods including credit/debit cards and electronic wallets. According to the official FxPro website, they cover all fees that may occur when you deposit and withdraw funds. FxPro tends to make all transactions to be done as fast as possible. However, financial operations may also depend on a particular banking option.

The Range of Trading Platforms

Apart from FxPro MT4, you can benefit from other trading terminals like cTrader, Metatrader 5, and the proprietary trading terminal. All platforms offer plenty of tools allowing you to properly analyze price fluctuations using math indicators or graphic tools. A trader can create and use various strategies by combining all of those instruments.

Metatrader 4 by FxPro along with other trading terminals is available in various versions. You can download and install the desktop platform, launch the browser platform as well as use mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Detailed Metatrader 4 by FxPro Review

MT4 is a multi-feature trading platform, which hides many secrets behind a pretty simple and user-friendly interface. Metatrader 4 is a professional trading terminal with all those features that allow you to create a plethora of trading tactics. You will find 50+ trading indicators there that are categorized among several sections:

1. Trend indicators.

2. Oscillators.

3. Volume-based indicators.

4. Bill Williams indicators.

5. Other algorithms.

Apart from indicators, you will find a variety of graphic tools including simple horizontal lines to build support and resistance levels, trend lines, price channels, forks, Fibonacci retracement, and many other useful features. With this rich functionality, you can equip yourself to perform most trading tasks even without applying minor fundamental market research.

MT4 by FxPro offers a set of additional features that significantly expand its target audience. You can add any third-party indicator, script, or even a trading bot. Moreover, if you have skills in the MQL4 programming language (that Metaquotes used to create the Metatrader platform), you can develop your own trading software and even sell it via a special marketplace.

By using a special strategy tester, you can examine the performance of each particular trading indicator or tactics. This is a powerful tool allowing you to use historical data to test all software you are going to apply to your future trading strategies.

Trader Union Experts’ Verdict

Metatrader 4 by FxPro is a professional trading platform using cutting-edge technologies to provide you with all the necessary tools and features to conduct reasonable trading activities. By picking this terminal, you will benefit from various analysis tools and stable tried and true software.

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