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Connecticut Man Deploys 100 Wooden Penguins After Big Storm

A man from Guilford, CT had a plan. A not very dubious or malicious plan of vandalism, actually it was quite cute and heartwarming. His plan? The next time a big snow came, he would decorate his hometown with dozens of wooden penguins. He had been making them just for this occasion.

Well, his opportunity came this past week. After another big winter storm hit the East coast, Guilford’s town green finally, FINALLY looked like Antarctica.

Jessica Swartz, daughter of the artist in question, took to Facebook to post about the charming artbomb. “My dad has been waiting for the right time, waiting for a good storm, waiting with 99 wooden penguins that he made to put on the town green. This is that time, this is that storm, these are his penguins.”

Reading through the comments on Swartz’ post are wonderfully heartwarming. One commenter even mentioned an area in Gilford (Moose Hill) where you could find the artist.

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