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What Exactly is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Zeus” Project?!

For the first time in a long time, Google seems just as caught off guard by Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s announcement that he will be starring in “Zeus,” in an upcoming project said to be released in February. Apparently, the former California Governor is the only one who knows about this, as an extensive search of the internet brings up nothing regarding this project. And I do mean nothing.

In a world where every Hollywood secret is revealed the minute they are whispered anywhere, a mythology project starring the former king of action flicks with literally no info is shocking. The action star took to his official Twitter and Instagram to share a poster who no additional details as to what its for. This seems to be the only image in existence, and there are no production outlines, synopsis’ or even an IMBD profile for it. Trust me, I looked.

There’s nothing but Arnold teasing the world of this mysterious, unknown, upcoming project. I guess if this was on purpose to drive intrigue, then I’ll give an A+ for effort. The less I know about this, the more I want to know.

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Now, the running theory is that this is a Super Bowl LVI commercial, which would probably check a number of boxes as to why nothing else can be found about it. Super Bowl marketing has always been pretty clever, and with the continued dip in ratings, it wouldn’t be surprising that they need to resort to fake posters and even trailers…for commercials.

Yup, that’s the world we live in. This is probably the most logical conclusion, and will probably end up being another celebrity touted Cyrpocurrency ad. While this teaser is clearly working whatever it turns out to be, I’m kind of hoping it IS a movie. I didn’t even know I wanted this until now, and I can’t think of anything more I’d like to fire up on Netflix.

If you do end up googling Zeus and Arnold and February 2022, you’ll be introduced to a whole new rabbit hole you didn’t know you needed in your life. That’s right, “Hercules in New York” is a very real film starring Schwarzenegger from 1970. It of course stars Arnold as Hercules, who after a fight with his father gets sent to New York where (you guessed it) hilarity ensues. This includes Hercules participating in strongman competitions and becoming a professional wrestler. Oh and he’s accompanied by a mortal companion named Pretzie, because he sells pretzels.

It wasn’t a smash hit, and rights to the film were auctioned off on eBay for $550,000 in 2006. None of this is relevant to the strange poster that Arnold has currently shared, but I refuse to be the only one cursed with this knowledge.

Be it a Super Bowl commercial or an actual film we didn’t know about, I am definitely interested in what becomes of the Terminator as Zeus.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch “Hercules in New York.

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