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“Star Trek” Cat Towers: Purrfect for Your Captain’s Cabin

Space, the final frontier, even for cats! Who knew, but you can totally get some cat stands that were inspired by designs from “Star Trek!”

CE360design has two different towers available for purchase. The first is a Borg-inspired cube, and the second is the DS9 Federation Space Station. Both are just perfect for the curious kitty who loves to explore and climb.

Borg Cube

Custom-made cat tree for all Star Trek enthusiasts. This is sure to make a conversation starter. Your cats will beam away to sleep and fun. Made from lightweight strong wood. Eco-friendly carpet that is very easy to clean. Very easy to assemble.


– Tree stands 2 feet tall from the base of the BORG cube with Enterprise 1701D (shown)
– Top can be, Enterprise 1701D, Voyager or DS9
– BORG cube 16″x16″ inches
– Entrance 8″ inches
– Badge (base) 24″ inches

DS9 Space Station

Keep Going!
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– Tree stands 4 feet tall with Enterprise 1701D
– Bottom DS9 station 24″ round
– The very bottom in and out (wormhole) 16″x16″

Also comes in
– top part 1701, Voyager, and Defiant top
– Borg cube bottom

Shown is Enterprise 1701D, DS9, and the bottom is a wormhole, can swap the top starship to 1701 or Voyager. The bottom is a wormhole but can be a Borg ship.

You can click on the headings for the products to be redirected to the Etsy page. These are pretty awesome and the best thing is, they’ll fit right in with your other fandom collection displays.

While we have you, make sure check out our other Star Trek” coverage. Live Long and Prosper!

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