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The Immediate Edge Redesign Has Something For All Crypto Traders

With the cryptocurrency market changing rapidly, this causes companies to have to do the same or get left behind. The team at Immediate Edge knows precisely where they’re headed, and they understand to keep that momentum going, you need to keep your customers satisfied. Luckily, their users don’t seem to be too demanding, but that hasn’t stopped the company from flooding them with all kinds of updates.

Wait On No One

Many different laws and regulations are right around the corner, which could put a damper on the company’s roadmap. So they decided to launch their redesign ahead of schedule and get new features to the users as soon as possible. Immediate Edge isn’t one to wait around on someone else to shape their future for them. The company restructured quite a bit about their website, and they included each addition with a purpose. Everything new on the website is to further the reliability, security, and dependability of the company

The company says they want traders to be captivated when you land on their website, whether you’re a new or an existing user. You’ll discover a straightforward sign-up procedure that doesn’t demand endless amounts of personal information merely to authenticate your account or verify your ID.  Users are delighted about the modifications and have immediately started optimizing their accounts to benefit from these new adjustments. Fortunately, the company has been responsive to user feedback, and they’ve admitted this is just one part of the updates they’re working on

More than ever, it’s critical to establish your imprint in the crypto industry since certain positions are beginning to cement between companies. There’s still plenty of opportunity in other markets as many rely entirely on outdated exchanges with little to no protection.  Furthermore, there may be similar software to Immediate Edge; however, due to their advanced technology, the majority of the lower-quality enterprises won’t compete in the long term. In addition, those companies’ customers will come looking for Immediate Edge. 

Redesigned For a Wider User Base

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been the go-to option for traders for many years, but they have a plethora of difficulties for a global audience to invest in safety. This is also because many exchanges are stuck to operating in the country they originate from. This particular issue is what gives Immediate Edge a competitive edge in the cryptocurrency industry.  Furthermore, the company has ensured that the legality of their software will meet any forthcoming laws requirements, ensuring that the growth of their consumers’ investments continues. 

Aside from the quality content the company provides its users, they’ve also structured the home page to be more inviting and easier to comprehend in a broader audience spectrum. This was a smart move by the company, as adding fluff, ads, or irrelevant content can be overly distracting. Below is a top-down list of how their website is structured. 

New Website Layout

● A new introduction to the company

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● Then leads to a comprehensive breakdown of their technology and how it can aid your investments

● How they created their product

● Their experience in the industry

● Many testimonials from their most loyal customers

● How to start trading with Immediate Edge

● And an extensive FAQ section

User retention has increased on the website, and the data the company is receiving shows the cosmetic changes to the website are universally accepted by their users. Although this was a pretty massive update, the company has much more coming soon that will benefit any and all cryptocurrency investors. They plan to pay close attention to the pending laws and regulations on a global scale so they can ensure their software is up to date and prepared for unpredictable volatility. 

To Summarize

Immediate Edge works day and night to bring value to the table. They’re constantly motivated by the lack of leadership in the crypto industry, along with disheartened investors who need a company they can trust. So far, Immediate Edge can do all of this and more for the community. We’re all excited for what’s to come, but we’ll need to keep a close watch on the company’s website for future updates.

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