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Stranger Gifts Dimebag Darrell Guitar To Pantera-Loving Kid

Kind people do still exist, though it seems they’re few and far between. This story is a heartwarming one of a stranger who saw a boy playing Pantera riffs in a local music shop. Fallon, had been frequenting J.B. Hart Music Co., Inc. requesting to play the Pantera guitar. The instrument is a Dimebag Darrell ML model that Fallon had fallen in love with. It’s said that Fallon’s dream was to own that guitar.

The customer who watched Fallon play decided that he wanted to purchase the guitar anonymously for the boy. The intent was to buy it and have the store give it to him when they saw him next. No one would have guessed that it was going to be the boy’s last time in the store for a while. It turns out he had moved with his family to Texas, and would not be back in town until the holidays.

That actually made it even cooler to gift to the boy since it was the holidays, and the shop had been searching for him to no avail for months. When Fallon walked back in when his family was visiting, employees were finally able to give him his dream guitar.

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The story was so awesome that even Pantera got word of it and offered encouragement to Fallon and his new guitar.

Darrell Lance Abbott, aka Dimebag, was co-founder of Pantera along with his brother, Vinnie Paul. Dime’s signature sludgy guitar sound is, in large part, what launched the band to such success. He was assassinated in 2004 while performing a concert with Damageplan. The band’s head of security was also killed, as well as a fan who jumped in to help.

Fallon has a condition called Williams Syndrome which can effect many parts of the body. It’s usually characterized by learning difficulties, unique personality characteristics, distinctive facial features and cardiovascular problems. Even though he has all that going on, he sure does know how to rip some epic Pantera riffs.

Keep shredding, Fallon!

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