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Watch Netflix Best Series Anywhere Using VPN

This article not only introduces, but guides and discusses the use of VPN for accessing locked content on Netflix. It means you can get access to content which would otherwise be unavailable or available based on your location. We’ll discuss the most convenient and functional way to access media which otherwise would not be accessible and the implications of it.

Ironically enough, while making the same payment, the media library available in one part of the world would differ from that in another! Which implies that the number of media options available in your library depend on the location where you’re accessing Netflix from. And if you try to spoof your location using a VPN, Netflix can catch you and show a Netflix proxy error which you’ll have to fix.

Why is there a difference in media content by Netflix based on location?

Renowned companies making it to billboards have viewership agreements with selected countries. Which then permits them to grant selective access and decide who views the content they have produced depending on the countries who are sold the content to.

Frustratingly enough for movie enthusiasts Netflix sometimes is not authorized to give access to certain content in specific locations due to the contracts with media studios and production houses. The accessibility then is restricted to specific locations i.e., geo-restricted.

You would be surprised that even after being charged the same, accessibility and availability is subjective for all Netflix users.

If you look at it, restricted access is solely dependent on location. It then further affects the number and type of media one has access to narrowing it down as per the area you are from.

So, how does Netflix do it? Shielding your area of access, VPNs allows you to get hold of content otherwise inaccessible from your preferred area. You can simply sign up for a VPN to change Netflix region and bypass the selective access to media. However, it must be kept in mind that Netflix is quite proficient at spotting VPNs and sending a Netflix proxy error to the user trying to breach the location-based content access. Though proxy error can simply be tackled through registering to an elusive VPN recognized to serve the purpose.

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That being said it would be fair for the English cinema haunter among us to be offended to some extent. But if this would put you at ease a bit, the Hungarian version of Netflix has access to only 570 media contents in the film directory!

Why are VPNs despised by Netflix?   

While the VPN violates the terms and conditions of Netflix, what must be stated is that using a VPN isn’t a criminal offence. It does even qualify as a necessity for data and identity protection while using the internet. This breach however is more associated with broadcasting rights of Netflix than with illegality.

What has a VPN got to do with Netflix’s area-based restrictions on content as discussed above? Primarily, a VPN helps spoof the access to your location and helps you breach the restricted content access based on location. As a result of being able to access otherwise unapproachable data Netflix tries its level best to prevent you from accessing the content through the utilization of VPN.

If certain countries or areas have not bought transmission rights of media content from bigshot production houses like Marvel or Paramount, the media won’t be aired in that area because it would be a source of loss for the production house. Production houses are essentially the ones in possession of content. Primarily being the reason why Netflix has collaborated with these houses which has to abide by the rules, resulting in placement of viewership restrictions based on location i.e. geo-blocking.

With that being said, what’s evidently clear is the extent of seriousness the matter is dealt with. The sole measure taken by Netflix if a customer is using VPN for sure is to notify them of a proxy error and prohibit further access until the VPN is no longer used for data access.   

How Does a VPN work? 

What basically happens is that Internet protocol address, i.e. IP address, indicating the location of the user is a separate exclusive IP address that is assigned each time any device is linked to the internet. The devices in one part of the world would have resembling IP addresses completely different from those in another part. For example, the ones from California would be entirely different from those in London.  

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