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Top 10 Technology Trends And Their Impact On Businesses

For years, people have been scanning headlines to see what’s going on in the tech industry. However, the events of the past decade have really upped the stakes regarding the interest of the public towards technological innovations. Nowadays, tech plays a large role in how we shop, work, and even how we relax.

In the business sector, innovations are revolutionizing processes and pushing the boundaries of production and manufacturing. Through automation and digitization, businesses can now stay resilient even during hard economic times. Here are some of the top technology trends that are impacting businesses.

1. Process Automation

Process automation has been a topic of discussion in corporate circles for a long time. Although some businesses have already embraced this technology, industry insiders believe it will become widespread in the coming years. Automation simply means the use of machines to perform complex tasks that would ordinarily be done by humans. This technology has really helped to address the problems of shortage of skilled manpower. Furthermore, it has allowed businesses to remain profitable despite the hard times.

2. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is another mainstream technology trend that has really revolutionized business operations. It refers to a decentralized ledger that tracks cryptocurrency transactions through a global computer network. In recent years, various businesses have adopted blockchain systems due to the immense benefits they offer. Key among them is the high level of anonymity and security that cryptocurrency transactions have. Furthermore, the technology has allowed the execution of smart contracts, which are agreements that can be processed without third parties.

3. Distributed networks

The distributed network technology trend has taken Cloud Computing to unimaginable heights. It is mainly concerned with the distribution of remote devices to various geographical locations with activities being controlled at a central place. This new technology has helped businesses to meet the needs of each cloud location separately and effectively. Apart from that, it has also allowed companies to lower operating costs while getting maximum processing power from their remote devices.

4. A.I.

Artificial Intelligence has generated so much hype over the past few years. Though it’s still in its inception stage, it remains a leading emerging technology due to its impacts on businesses. AI is mostly used in speech and image recognition, ride-sharing applications, mobile navigation apps and personal assistants. Its incorporation into various operations has helped businesses to provide more personalized services to their clients through automation. In addition, it has also simplified complex tasks, hence saving companies a lot of time and resources.

5. IoT

Internet of Things refers to the growing number of “smart” gadgets that are interconnected to each other by the internet. These devices constantly gather and transmit data that can be used to report certain trends. Many modern businesses use this technology to follow and monitor customer behaviour. For instance, a health-tracking application can collect data about someone’s physical routine, sleep, diet or heart rate. This data can then be used to motivate behavioural change or to create individual health plans.

6. Large Scale 5G Networks

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The development of the 5G network, the latest generation of cellular communication technology has unlocked endless possibilities. This technology boasts faster data transmission speeds, expanded bandwidths and little latency than the widely used 4G. The power of 5G networks allows for a better mobile experience, like for example playing smoothly without experiencing any interruptions. Apart from that, 5G networks have allowed efficient utilization of IoT systems, as they have the power of supporting a wide range of interlinked smart devices.

7. Autonomous Vehicles

Companies like Tesla, Waymo, and Alphabet have one thing in common. It is their objective of crafting autonomous or self-driving vehicles. Although this technology trend is still in its inception, in 2021 and beyond, we’re definitely going to see more self-driving cars on the roads. Besides enabling efficient transportation, there are many other benefits of this innovative technology. For example, companies may decide to buy autonomous delivery vans in order to cut costs of paying drivers.

8. Software Interoperability

In modern workplaces, more technological solutions are being used to facilitate communication. For example, most companies use Outlook to send documents, Slack to connect teams and Google Drive as storage for crucial data. Connecting all these software programs to work seamlessly with each other is something that many companies desire. In recent times, there have been several breakthroughs that have made this dream a possibility. Now with software interoperability, customer data across various platforms can be unified hence saving businesses time and resources.

9. Cybersecurity

According to research, many businesses have borne the brunt of multiple cyberattacks. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that business owners would want to solidify their defences against these threats. On the other hand, malicious hackers won’t give up, and they’ll keep on devising new ways of bypassing stringent protection measures. And now that cloud computing is all the rage, companies should invest in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to keep their computer systems safe at all times.

10. Clean Technologies

Renewable energy, greener transport, and energy-efficient buildings are some of the clean technology trends. In recent times, their use has become more widespread with their impacts being felt across various sectors. And as climate change continues to wreak havoc on planet earth, more pressure is piling on businesses to incorporate clean technologies into their operations. What is great is that these technologies offer lots of benefits such as reducing emissions, efficient use of energy and minimizing operating costs.


Different technology trends will impact the business sector in different ways. While some innovations may work well in the production department, others will be more effective in the HR department. It’s therefore up to the business owner to choose what suits them as they understand their strategic objectives better.

The aforementioned are the top technologies that have impacted the business landscape immensely. Other notable trends include Next-generation Computing, Bio Revolution, Human Augmentation, Quantum Computing and Remote Onboarding. In the coming years, we’re going to witness the widespread use of these technologies among businesses.

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