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“Welcome to Wrexham” Rob McElhenney, Ryan Reynolds, and the Gang!

It’s probably rarely sunny in “Welcome to Wrexham,” and that’s okay! Rob McElhenney (“Mythic Quest“) and Ryan Reynolds have debuted another trailer for their upcoming FX series. This time we get some pretty familiar faces as the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are confronted with their Welsh counterparts. It’s like a Cymry version of “Mirror Mirror.” 


The docuseries will follow the Wrexham football club. Both McElhenney and Reynolds bought ownership stakes in the club in February of 2021. Their goal is to document (and hopefully help inspire) the Red Dragons and their surrounding community. They hope to help them work their way from the fifth tier of the English football league all the way to the top and the Premiership.

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Given the success of “Ted Lasso,” it’s clear that football (or soccer depending on where you are) is in. Granted anywhere outside of the US could have told you that. In spite of the self deprecating advertising the Wrexham project seems to be driven by an earnest desire to support the team. So again… very much out of the “Ted Lasso” playbook. We would not mind some meta crossovers on “Welcome to Wrexham”.

Other Maximum Efforts

McElhenny has a mini media focused empire. “It’s Always Sunny” just debuted their 15th season, making it the longest-running live-action sitcom in U.S. TV history. Meanwhile Reynolds not only has a cell service company and a gin company. He also has his own production company, Maximum Effort, that was recently acquired by a marketing firm MNTN. You can check out some of their hilarious retro work here. Both have been very open about knowing absolutely nothing about football.

FX (also home to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) has already committed to two seasons of “Welcome to Wrexham.” The first will premiere in 2022.

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