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Make Bad Decisions With FireKeg- 5.25 Liters of Fireball Whisky!

Want to insure everyone over 21 is drunk and their insides burn? Well, Fireball just introduced a branded keg that holds 115 shots of whiskey. The best part is that the Fireball FireKeg is only $74.99, so you’re literally getting wasted for cents on the dollar.

The keg has three spouts, and 5 liters; which is technically more than 115 shots. Let’s call it 115 generous shots. This would be great to bring to any gathering because it’s more than enough for those who want to drink. And it’s pretty laughable for those that don’t imbibe too.

Fireball’s official description of the FireKeg reads:

Keep Going!
1 of 1,344

Introducing the new Fireball FireKeg! This limited-edition FireKeg will amp it up in a way only Fireball can. Fireball Friday, Tailgating, any occasion really-grab one while they’re hot! The new FireKeg will include 5 liters of Fireball whiskey, which is the equivalent of over 115 shots. It comes complete with not one, not two, but three spouts for optimally efficient pouring.

To find one, you’ll have to search local retailers, like BevMo and Total Wine. Or, you can get one from Fireball themselves here.

Please enjoy responsibly.

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