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Nerdbot Picks [for the Kitchen]: Ninja Air Fryer for Crispy Deliciousness

I know, it’s kitchen stuff, it’s not exciting, I know this! But hear me out. I’m no chef, I panic in the kitchen all the time. This thing totally changed how I do dinner in the last couple months.

I picked up one of these Ninja air fryers after deciding to make a permanent lifestyle change. When giving up a lot of ‘bad foods,’ and a bunch of what one would usually fry up in oils or butter- is obviously the first thing you should lose. Air fryers use no oils, and what I originally planned to use for fries turned out to be far better for cooking healthy food than I could possibly have guessed.

Our favorite part is where it says “food.”

This thing is great, you can just throw in vegetables, even frozen ones, straight in it and less than 15 minutes later they come out crispy and browned, without using any oil at all. I’ve also successfully cooked lamb chops that came out juicy on the inside and crispy outside in about ten minutes, Before this little device I was well known for burning water. Almost anything you could want to put in here you can find a recipe for online with a quick Google search. After using it a few times, I felt immediately confident preparing almost any kind of protein in it, from salmon to ribs to lamb, and it has been coming out great.

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I personally own the SP100 model, which is large enough to prepare a whole tray of vegetables, a full sized pizza, a rack of ribs, and they come out great and in less than half the time they would in a regular oven. It has quick settings for toast or traditional oven bakes. All the trays slip out for a quick and easy clean, and the whole thing stows upright so when not in use it doesn’t even take up counter space. It’s a wondrous little machine, and will make you more experimental in the kitchen in no time.

Check out Amazon listings for this Ninja air fryer here. There is also the more traditional Ninja air fryer AF101 here. And let us know what recipes you find that you really like!

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