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5 Tips To Improve Your Landing Page For Visitors

You’re asking prospects to sign up for your contact list, but what are you giving them in return? Internet users rarely give their contact details spontaneously. They must be convinced of what they will get in return. Take the time to prepare premium content, like a white paper, training video, or methodology that meets the needs of your market. Offer it as a free download, with reasoned text that encourages your prospects to leave their contact details. Which brings us to the next point.

Your forms are too long or complex

Nobody wants to complicate their life, even less on the web (think of your mobile visitors!). To convert as many leads as possible , your forms should be simple and short. Just keep the necessary fields to segment your prospects. In addition to the name, first name and email address, you can request one or two additional pieces of information (age, position held, size of the company, place of residence, etc.), but no more!

You have 0 call to action on the site

0 call to action? In this case, your site is not converting because there is no post that encourages conversion. Clearly state what you expect from prospects: downloading a white paper, making an appointment, requesting a quote, registering for a trial period… And add visible inserts in strategic places on your website. The more your visitors are encouraged to take action , the more your conversion rate will increase. Call to actions mean that you should also add social platforms like YouTube and others. Buy YouTube views, add more video content and share it on your landing page.

Optimize error pages to promote conversion

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Even if you do everything you can to ensure that your website pages never go down, it can still happen. However, you can turn your site downtime into a positive experience. How? ‘Or’ What ? By presenting a creative error page. Instead of a classic error message, innovate with a funny illustration containing funny text. Then add an equally engaging call to action to get the visitor back on the right path. You can also offer a search bar, so that he can immediately find what he wants.

Carry out A / B tests according to the type of visitors

Each visitor behaves differently. For example, organic visitors spend more time on the website, view more pages, and generally have a lower bounce rate than visitors from paid campaigns. These differences in behavior are surely reflected in other aspects of the website. Thus, test different forms, landing page, titles or call-to-action depending on the origin of Internet users. You will be able to improve the return on investment of your natural referencing and your marketing campaigns.

Add a call-to-action on all your blog posts

Every blog post you write should focus on your prospects, their issues, and the burning questions you can answer. Therefore, each article is linked to one of your solutions. So, make the connection explicit! At the end of the text, invite readers to find out more about the subject raised, by referring them to downloadable content, a webinar, etc. If you deal with a subject in general, invite Internet users to subscribe to your newsletter so as not to miss any of your news.

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