Meet Midas: The Internet’s New Favorite Cat with 4 Ears

When we talk about internet cats, we think of those who’ve passed like Lil’ Bub or perhaps Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat. There is a new cat to adore, and she’s only four months old. Hopefully that means that she’ll be around for a long time to come.

Midas, who lives in Ankara, Turkey, is the new viral cat that was born with four ears. Midas is dark grey and has huge green eyes, a cute smile, and an underbite.

Cats with four ears are not extremely uncommon. It’s a known genetic mutation that usually causes four outer ears where they have extra pinnae behind their normal pinnae. Also along with this mutation it coincides with a recessive jaw and usually means smaller eyes. Midas however seems to have normal sized ones.

The owner, Canis Dosemeci says that she adopted Midas and if anything good can come from the big blow up of her becoming viral, she hopes that more people will choose to adopt.

Our Midas is very playful cat. She likes to cuddle and sit on my lap and sleep on my lap. She gets along with the dog …Yeah we’re a big family. We have never thought of buying a cat, we just wanted to rescue a cat from the street and we wanted to adopt her.

Canis Dosemeci/YouTube

Personally I hope this means that we get some cute Midas calendars or plush in the future. Who wouldn’t want to love this adorable Turkish cat.

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