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Jim Lee to Introduce New “Sesame Street” Resident This Thanksgiving

DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee will be appearing on “Sesame Street” this Thanksgiving. He made a post on his social media highlighting the fact that this means so much to him. As a young immigrant to America, he learned English by reading comics and watching the PBS staple.

He will also be welcoming the first Korean-American Muppet “Sesame Street” resident, 7-year old Ji-Young!

“See Us Coming Together” is a star-studded TV special that celebrates Asian and Pacific Islanders, and the power of our communities. Showing that kind of representation is long overdue, and the fact that they are doing it now after all this time is a good sign. Just last year we were seeing more and more posts about violence against Asians and the first way to combat that in the future, is teaching our kids to be kind to everyone.

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Also appearing in the episode will be “Shang-Chi” star Simu LiuAnna Cathcart, “Top Chef” season 17 winner Melissa King, celebrated tv personality and author Padma Lakshmi, and sports star Naomi Osaka.

FUN FACT! Did you know Stan Lee appeared on an episode of the “Muppet Babies?” In the 1989 episode called “Comic Capers,” Baby Rowlf and Skeeter enter the Spider-Man newspaper strip. Lee comes onscreen sitting at his drawing desk and asks the kids, “Don’t you know there’s only one Spider-Man?” Rowlf apologizes but Skeeter accidentally sprays silly string webbing at the comic legend.

Stan Lee appearing in “Muppet Babies” 1989 episode “Comic Capers”

Look forward to seeing amazing comic book artist Jim Lee on “Sesame Street” Thanksgiving day, November 25th. “Sesame Street” is streaming on PBSKids and HBO Max.

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