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Daily Zen: 100,000 Bouncy Balls Fall at the Same Time

This is one of those things we dreamed about doing as kids. Imagine dropping 100,000 bouncy balls from an arena roof! They are the kind of bouncy balls that you would find in a dentists treasure chest or the prizes at Chuck E. Cheese’s. If you remember gumball machines, these were sometimes the prizes you could get for your quarters.

In this video from How Ridiculous on YouTube, you can see everything from prep to the drop. We’ve set it to right where the bouncy balls are falling down so you can skip the build up of 13 minutes and change.

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Most of the balls try to bounce upward, but are pushed back down so it appears that they aren’t bouncing. They are effectively suppressing each other so they look like they drop solid. It’s the few that escape that make for a brilliant after effect. Watch until they show us the slow motion drop and you can really see a beautiful display of firework like bouncy balls.

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