Ghostbusters Gates of Gozer Virtual Event Coming from Secret Cinema!

As if I needed another reason to love all things British! The London-based event space Secret Cinema is unveiling their latest, fully immersive, live virtual event, and its absolutely marvelous looking. After having hosted previous experiences for “Back to the Future” and “Stranger Things,” this year’s theme is “Ghostbusters” in conjunction with the upcoming release of “Ghostbusters: Afterlife.” Although this is the first time the entertainment company has ever attempted something like this (namely such an immersive and virtual experience), there is a LOT to unpack and the experience looks to be one of a kind.

The experience is appropriately named “Ghostbusters: Gates of Gozer” and comes with a multitude of unique and fun interactions. For starters, the experience comes with your own character backstory, a costume suggestion, and participation in a live theatrical performance with familiar “Ghostbusters” characters. The experience last for about 75 minutes, and is run straight from your laptop once you enter the experience platform. It features clues, mini-games, live actors, 3D binaural sound design and much, much more! It even has extensive ghostbuster training, complete with rules and an extensive educational program. It includes educational tutorials on things like field training on how to safely communicate with apparitions and practical training on how to identify possessed friends.

The experience also features a variety of digital locations and brand new, never before scene storylines in the “Ghostbusters” universe. Each location will have motion-triggered special effects and filters as well as puzzles, games, and of course, ample opportunities to bust some ghosts. Because we all know bustin’ makes you feel good (writing it instead of singing it really changes the connotation of that line doesn’t it?). Because the experience is so vast and immersive, it requires a laptop or computer with at least 4GB RAM with the recommend RAM being 8GB. You will need speeds of 3.5+ mbps and an updated Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge browser for access. Sorry, Internet Explorer, no “Gates of Gozer” for you!

Tickets go on sale November 1st, 2021. Prices start at $27.50 per person, and gives you access to join with 6 other strangers from around the world, or you can buyout an entire ghostbusting team for roughly $22/person. The virtual experience will be available starting December 1st, and will have afternoon and evening sessions Wednesdays-Sundays.

Who’s ready to bust some ghosts?

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