Apple TV+ Orders Seasons 3, 4 of “Mythic Quest!”

We didn’t think it was going to happen, honestly, but we’re DELIGHTED to report that Apple TV+ has ordered a 3rd AND 4th season of “Mythic Quest!” Yes, we were waaaaay late to the party on this series. We’ll be the first to admit it. But, it’s certainly a show that we’ve fallen in love with.

Huh. Maybe our watching it all the way through three times in a week (what, we had to show it to EVERYONE!) helped?

The news was announced by Apple TV’s official Twitter account. WHICH ALSO included some big name news!

Apple TV+ Head of Programming Matt Cherniss said of the news:

“Just like critics and audiences all over the world, we fell in love with Rob and his team’s sharp writing and full-of-heart, relatable characters that make up the world of Mythic Quest. We can’t wait for viewers to see what’s in store in the upcoming seasons of this brilliant workplace comedy.”

Seasons 1 and 2 of “Mythic Quest” are available to watch on Apple TV+.