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LEGO Ideas “Home Alone” Set- Come and Get It!

Build this LEGO Ideas “Home Alone” set, you little trout sniffers! Looks like LEGO has added another magnificent set to their Ideas collection. This 3,955 piece brick set comes straight from the silver screen. This set is inspired by Chris Columbus’ 1990 family holiday classic starring Macaulay Culkin.


LEGO Ideas

You can now rebuild the McCallister home in spectacular detail. The set features a bonanza of booby traps (spiders included). The house facade unfolds to give a cross section that features the film’s most memorable moments. 

LEGO Ideas Home Alone, courtesy LEGO Group

Inside there are an incredible number of moving parts within the house design. One of our favorite details is the furnace lit with battery power. Giving the “shut up” basement scene a bricktastic glow. In addition to all of that, the set has the famous treehouse, infamous bandit van, and more. 

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Included in the set are Kevin, his mom (it’s about time Catherine O’Hara got her own minifigure), Harry, Marv, and Old Man Marley. Not included – real shaving cream for you to recreate what is arguably the film’s most famous scene. You’ll have to settle for minifigure Kevin or BYOShaving Cream. 

LEGO Ideas Home Alone, courtesy LEGO Group

In an incredibly creative move: the set is also split into 24 bags, “like an advent calendar.” The building order mirrors the film’s plot line so as you assemble, you chronologically get to relive the story. We can’t wait to put the movie on and build the set in parallel. 

LEGO Ideas Home Alone, courtesy LEGO Group

We love the thoughtfulness that goes into LEGO Ideas sets. This one looks like it’ll be a doozy of a build. The combo of the high piece count and the intricacy of the rooms explains the 18+ age suggestion. 

You can relive the chaos of “Home Alone” in brick form soon. The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set will be available for order on November 1st, 2021. We’ll update this link as soon as it’s live!

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