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“Wheel of Time” Wishes Happy Birthday to the Late Robert Jordan

Robert Jordan was a prolific author, responsible for the high fantasy series “The Wheel of Time.” While he did not live to see the conclusion of the story, his influence and presence are still felt by many. Before Jordan’s passing, author Brandon Sanderson was brought in by the family to meet with Jordan, and ultimately complete the 14-book main saga. (There are actually 20 titles in “The Wheel of Time,” but only 14 are main story-focused.)

October 17th, 2021 marks what would have been Jordan’s 73rd birthday.

So, the upcoming Amazon Prime Video series “Wheel of Time” released a very special tribute video, which featured a notable cameo. Harriet McDougal, editor extraordinaire, also happens to be the widow of Jordan.

“Today is Robert Jordan’s birthday. I’ve lived in the pages of these books since the very beginning,” she says. “But to see it in reality…that is amazing.”

Check it out:

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Wheel of Time” is set to hit Amazon Prime on November 19th, 2021.

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