You’ve Got…Retro Fashion From America Online and Vapor95

Back in the days when we still had that horrid screechy sign on sound we would look forward to the next few words that would hit our ears. The words “You’ve Got Mail” and the messenger dings that you had received an incoming IM(instant message). I know all the kids now use DMs- which is direct message- I wanted to clarify, just in case. Well those of us who are old enough to get the reference ‘a/s/l’ can now own some really cool old internet fashion pieces thanks to Vapor95.

Vapor95 has a sweatshirt, hoodie, tank top and tee shirt sporting the iconic logo. They’re all pretty cool, and the site has a ton of things that I’d personally wear. Not that I’m some fashion mogul but I do like to celebrate old things.

The sweaters feature a super soft premium polyester mico-fleece blend and sublimated artwork which means it never fades. The products are all made by hand and shipped from their Los Angeles store. Each item is made in the United States.

You can check out the AOL Collection here.

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