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Check Out This Cool Mood Ring Keyboard!

Evan and Katelyn on YouTube have just created one of the most breathtaking things. If you’re a lover of rainbow colors you’re definitely going to want one of these. They’ve just put out a video of them manufacturing a mood ring keyboard. Now you’ll be able to tell if you’re stressed out at work or if you’re having a good day based on the color your keycaps change!

Of course I’m all about this. You show me something shiny and I’ll be obsessed. Now I just have to figure out how they did this. They do have more information on how it was done on their Patreon which you can subscribe to here.

Artify – Square
Keep Going!
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And if you wanted to know what the colors mean, here’s a chart I found. Let’s hope you’re not stressed about answering a hundred emails. I wonder if this would count as a good reason to call in sick for a mental health day. “My mood ring keyboard is indicating I’m too stressed to work.” Probably not but dreamers will dream.

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