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Limited Edition Pokémon Oreos: Catch ‘Em All, Eat ‘Em All!

Special limited edition Pokémon Oreos are coming, and I NEED to catch ‘em all! The cookie company announced a collaboration with Pokémon, and even just the packaging is something to fawn over. 

Pokemon Oreos

1 of 1,111

Channel your inner Pokemon trainer and try to catch all 16 Pokemon Oreos.

The cookie sandwiches are embossed with some of your favorite pocketto monsutas! (Fun fact: Pokémon is a portmanteau for “pocketto monsutas!”)

Included characters include Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Squirtle, Cindaquil, Dratini, Rowlet, Snivy, Sandshrew, Piplup, Pancham, Lapras, Sableye, Grookey, and Mew. The Oreo website says some Pokémon are harder to find than others. Mew is the one super rare Mythical Pokémon shown on the packaging. It may take more than one packet of Oreos to catch ‘em all. 

The video promo offers all the hype:

These Oreos are currently available for pre-order from Walmart. They will start shipping on September 13th, and will be available for in-store purchase starting that same day. There is a 3 pack limit for pre orders, though. It will be interesting to see if there is an in-store purchase limit, too. 

There’s no debate that these are the coolest cookies in existence. The only thing left to decide is the correct way to eat an Oreo. Do you twist, lick, then dunk? Or go straight for the dunk?

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